Please follow all the guidelines for COVID-19 issued by WHO, Govt. of India, Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and various related Govt. Agencies.

Please wear a mask at all times.

Please follow COVID Appropriate Behaviours.

Please visit the website regarding various information related to the Parshuram Mela.

Keep Emergency Contact numbers handy at all times

Use Bathing Ghats that are authorized by the Mela administration only and that are nearest to place of stay in the Mela area.

Inform the authorities if any unidentified or suspicious object/activity is found.

Follow the instructions given by the Mela Administration through PA System or any other modes.

Cooperate with the Departments involved in organizing the Mela.

Reach out to the Lost and Found Centres for loss of loved ones and belongings.


Don’t pollute the river Ganga by using soaps, detergents or by disposing Pujan Samagri into the holy river.

Don’t carry too much baggage while travelling and avoid carrying valuables.

Don’t use plastic bags in the city and mela area.

Don’t defecate in the open.

Don’t trust strangers offering something to eat in the name of Prasad.